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Milos, one of the most magical and less conspicuous islands in the Cyclades, a tropical paradise with approximately 70 beautiful quiet sandy beaches to explore, and a number of historic landmarks and monuments to discover. Situated just north of the Sea of Crete, Milos is a volcanic island with a rugged and dramatic hilly landscape. Visit the island's natural harbor, its caves and hot sulfurous springs to experience its rich history, sights and hidden treasures.

Renowned for its magnificent statues, including the statue of Aphrodite ("Venus de Milo"), now in museums round the world, this paradise island offers visitors the opportunity to take in the array of colored rocks and mountains, as well as the picturesque villages. Milos, also includes the uninhabited offshore islands of Antimilos and Akrades.

Milos is home to Greece's only Christian catacombs, which date from the 1st century, an ancient Minoan city, a hilltop fortress built on the ancient acropolis and the Thiorixia Sulfer Mines. Steeped in fascinating history, the island is an idyllic stunning oasis waiting to be discovered.

Activities while in Milos

>Semi-Private Sunset Catamaran Cruise

Semi-Private Sunset Catamaran Cruise - Starting from Adamas port sailing across the blue Aegean Sea and past the traditional fishing villages of Skinopi, Klima, Areti and Fourkovouni. The first stop will be at Arkoudes, a formation of lava rocks shaped like a bear. Continue sailing towards the impressive cape Vani and the natural bay of Kalogries. Next, head to Kleftiko and visit a pirate hideaway, swim and eat refreshing local fruits on board. Continue to the cave of Sikia, relax on the beach, swim or participate in underwater sports. Weather permitting, a chef will prepare a seafood barbeque on board or on the beach. Depart to enjoy ice cream whilst sailing home in the last glow of the spectacular Santorini sunset.

Semi Private Cruises include up to 14 guests. Duration is approximately 10 hours. Private half- and full-day charters are also available. Speak with your agent for more details.

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